Xu Kaifeng

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Xu Kaifeng

Current: Startup at Shanghai
Past #1: NO.3 Engineer / VP Engineering at Yidianzixun.com
Past #2: Research Scientist at Yahoo! Labs Beijing
Past #3: Research Engineer at IBM China Research Lab
Past #4: Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Bachelor & Master

Github: https://github.com/hay86
Email: xukaifeng1986@gmail.com

At present, I am working on a startup project by myself. In 2012~2016, I was the NO.3 engineer and VP engineering at Yidianzixun.com. In 2011~2012, I worked at Yahoo! Labs as a research scientist. My mentor is Zheng Zhaohui who is also the CEO of Yidianzixun.com (China) and Particle Media (US). In 2011, I was graduated from Apex Data & Knowledge Management Lab, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. My advisor is Prof. Yong Yu who has led SJTU ACM teams to win 3 times of the ACM final champion.

I am a prolific researcher. I have published several papers on top-level conferences which shows my solid understanding on information retrieval, machine learning and semantic web. I am also an all-round engineer. I know frontend/backend engineering, mobile development, mapreduce programming, user experience design and have experienced many projects related.

In my own words: I am on my way to changing the world!

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